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Poconos Hiking

"Hiking the Delaware Water Gap Park" Package

The Two Night Two Day Inn to Inn $405.00 Hiking Package for Two Sharing a Room.

Poconos Hiking / Walking Tours of the Delaware Water Gap and National Park
or the Appalachian Trail

Our Poconos Hikes

Would you enjoy?

  • Exploring maple and oak lined country paths, lanes and carriage roads with ancient stone walls and tails of Indians settlements?.
  • Reaching a scenic mountaintop vista ?
  • Hiking a richly diverse woodlands of streams, groves of pines, majestic bluffs, and, in fall, multi colored landscapes?
  • Listening to the thunder of cascading waterfalls ?
  • Following a lush Mountain - forest trail with its infinite shades of green?
  • Visiting storybook inns?

Poconos Hiking Holidays offers all this and more as we explore some of the best places to hike in the Poconos Mountains of PA!

The Two Night Two Day Inn to Inn $359.00 (plus tax) Hiking Package for Two Sharing a Room Includes:

Delaware Water Gap Hiking > Accommodations at a different Delaware Water Gap Inn each night

> A Complete Trail map and Guide for your self guided 5 mile walk through the Delaware Water Gap National Park and the Point of the Gap Overlook. You'll have your choice of trails to hike: Walk through the woods and National Park from your inn ending up at your next inn, OR take a shuttle from Edge of the Woods Outfitters (located within a few blocks of your Inn) to the Appalachain Trail Head at Rt 191 and hike the Trail to the North ending up at Delaware Water Gap and your next Inn (Cost of Shuttle $15 PP extra.)This is about a 6 mile hike on the Trail along the spine of the Blue Ridge Mountaisn with many 360 degree views of the Poconos and Piedmont region of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

We offer an optional Guided tour with one of experienced guides who will take you or your group on a hike with great views and explore an area that was once home to the Lenni-Lenape indian tribe. (Cost of guided tour $25 PP extra)

This package also includes:

> Transfer of your luggage between inns

>Continental Breakfast Each Day

> Dinner on one night of your stay ($40.00 dinner voucher)

> Discounts to Local Attractions.

Call PoconosHotels.com 800-805-359 to make reservations for this Hiking Package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q . What will I have to carry on the trail?
A . All your luggage will be transported in our vans, so that the only thing on your back will be a small day pack.

Q . Am I too young or too old?
A . It seems that age has no relevance! As long as you are in good physical condition and enjoy meeting people of all ages, you'll enjoy the trip. You will be walking through mountain paths in the woods so... very young children may not fare well on the hike.

Q . This is my first hike - will I be able to handle it?
A . Yes, provided you are in reasonably good physical condition.

Q . I'm single. Will I be out of place?
A . Our groups generally comprise about half couples, half singles. Whatever the make up of the group, we take pride in making everyone feel comfortable so that they enjoy the hiking holiday with us. Rates are the same for Singles as All of the inns require double occupancy in the room rate.

Q . What exactly is included in the cost?
A . Unlike many other tours, there are no hidden costs on our holidays. Our price includes your lodging, a Continental Breakfast and at least one dinner during your trip and taxes. By being a small company whose owners work in the office and on the trail, we are able to offer great value for your money on all our trips. Also, when we say "a 3-day trip" we mean 3 nights of lodging, an 5-day trip is 5 nights, etc.

Q . We are a group of friends. Can you arrange a tour just for us?
A . Certainly. If you have 8 or more people in your party, we can arrange a customized tour to any of our destinations for the length of time and date that suits you. We specialize in arranging many such tours each year. Just give us a call.

Q . What do I need to bring?
A . When you sign up for a trip you will be sent a complete list of what you will need to bring. Apart from a small day pack, poncho, and hiking boots, you will not need to purchase any special gear for one of our trips.

Q . Do we actually walk from inn to inn?
A . On some days our trail starts at the inn's door. More often, however, we provide transportation to the best hiking trails nearby and then onto the next inn or back to the same inn.

Q . What type of footwear do I need?
A . When you sign up for a trip you will be sent more details, but generally we recommend comfortable, above ankle, lightweight hiking boots. Tennis or walking shoes, made for flat surfaces are not recommended.

Q . What if it rains?
A . We have never had a day when we didn't hike due to rain! In fact, some of our most memorable hikes have been on wet days when a sudden clearing and rainbow appeared. No one has to hike in the rain but those that do usually find the experience invigorating and worthwhile.

A Typical Day!

Country Inns by Night!

Water Gap FallsOur days begin in the inn each morning with breakfast (generally served between 7:30 and 8:30). If they have not already done so, the guides will go over the hiking activities for the day.

We leave the inn around 9 either on foot or by van to the start of the trail. On many days the whole group hikes together until lunch (though at different paces). Lunch could be at a trailside cabin, beside a waterfall, at a scenic overlook or some other delightful spot! After lunch we will offer a choice of easier or harder routes, so that you can decide, for instance, to hike up a peak or perhaps return along the valley. Some days we may offer two totally different hikes at the beginning of the day.

The hikes usually end in the mid-to-late afternoon (depending on which hike you have chosen). There is always plenty of time to enjoy the inns and villages. Perhaps a swim in the pool sounds good. Perhaps wandering around picturesque village streets appeals to you. Dinner is a group affair and one of the highlights of every day. Evenings are often just spent relaxing, or perhaps watching a movie, playing a game or listening to music.

Self Guided Hiking Vacations

Say what?! If you are new to this concept of travel, you are not alone! In fact, 2 major cycling publications have never really understood this well enough to give it proper mention. A few years ago one of these major magazines published a story that described “self-contained” touring as self-guided, and recently another bicycle touring magazine left their readers to believe you had two choices when it comes to bicycle travel: group guided tours or the self-contained individually planned program. You are to here to find out there is an alternative! This concept applies to bicycle tours as well as walking tours, and certainly any other activity.

Self guided travel is a growing trend due to the flexibility to start and the extraordinary price. It offers support and independence, and customers don't have to do any work to put it together! Look for more information in popular travel magazines as this concept takes off!


What is Self Guided Touring?

So what have the Europeans known for so long that seems to have escaped North America? Here is a narrative picture: what if you could go on an inexpensive tour and didn't have plan any of the routes? Where all the lodging was taken care of and you had a choice of hotels, where meals were taken care of, and most important you didn't have to carry your luggage from place to place. On top of that, what if you could go any date you wanted - a date that worked for your schedule and family? What if you didn't want to be part of a group of strangers with different abilities and interests than your own - wouldn't that be even better still? Guess what, you have found self-guided travel!

To be sure, there are variations in what you might find under this heading with other companies, but Pure Adventures wrote this article, and we are speaking of what you can find in our tours. For comparison sake, you may need to note differences with other companies.

Self guided biking and walking can be characterized by the following benefits:

Flexible - durations can be modified to meet a clients time available, hotels are available for many budgets, often in combination, no minimum participation so no threat of cancellation by the operator,

Affordable - prices are amazing by comparison to the group guided option, yet worth the extra it might cost over doing it all yourself in a self-contained concept

Supported - most operators proposing this program do also provide baggage transfers, emergency support, orientations, transfers, and add on services. Often, these support services are extremely beneficial because they are founded on expert knowledge of the region, and therefore a very reliable source for finding and offering unique properties, routes, and visits.

Off the beaten path - many of the tours follow themes, and are created with a vacation experience in mind. Routes are well chosen and occasionally on very small routes and naturally provide for lots of interaction with the locals.

The all-important question for many people might be “how much is this going to cost?” Well, this can vary based upon your level of accommodations and duration of trip. Self-guided travel can average in the $1200 range per person for a 7-night trip. This might compare to a guided trip average of $1800 (Pure Adventures) to $3000 (competition) or as cheap as you can go self-contained at $350 and a good tent (not offered) !


Are You Ready?

Like all other travel there are a number of questions you have to ask yourself before deciding what you are going to do and what you are capable of doing. We believe that any person of any ability and the means to take a vacation can find something to suit them. Ask yourself if you are fit enough to accomplish the requirements of the trip you are contemplating. Cycling or walking tours require some minimum level of fitness, but in this case you would have to contact local support contacts to get help if you can't finish the stage.

Can you get by in a language that is not your primary language? This doesn't mean you have to speak a second language, just simply get by. For example, if someone doesn't speak your language can you get by with phrasebook pronunciations and charades? If this causes you to panic, it may not be for you. On the other hand, very many good experiences result from these kinds of cultural encounters!

Can you read a map and follow road signs? This should be really easy, but if you are not comfortable interpreting these things, it may not be for you. Lets face it too, reading and interpreting directions is subjective. What one person believes is self-evident another may see differently. Therefore, if you miss a turn are you capable of backtracking to get back on track? Just about any trip is going to have this little adventure side built into it, so count on it with any tour.

People who have never been abroad take these trips, and we have those who have been many times guided and now are ready to go self-guided. It's an individual case each time, and we will be glad to help you decide.

Advantages vs. Disadvantages

In case you're not clear, lets draw distinctions between this concept and the famous alternatives. It should be obvious when it comes to group guided travel. There is of course a fixed date that you must fit into your schedule, a group of potentially new friends that you will not know in advance, and a huge difference in price. The additional support required can explain some of that cost. With the self-contained trip, you can essentially plan everything from roads to carrying your gear with you every step of the way. In addition, the following is a table that may help you determine what is important to you and how you can see what a self-guided tour brings to you in advantages and disadvantages:

Guided Tours

Self-Guided Tours

Self-Contained Tours

  Guided Self Guided  

Departure Dates Open




Full time guide




Guide or Local Contact Support




Personalized Groups




Professionally Planned Routes




Baggage Transfer




Meals Included




Transfers Included




Any group size allowed

N / Y



Guaranteed departure




Emergency Help




Professional Travel Services available for add-ons, etc.




Typical prices: $-$$$$

Inexpensive to Very Expensive